Robert Fisk eat your heart out…

So I’ve moved to Cambodia. More about that later. First I thought I’d stick up a somewhat lazy post – more of a link really, to my first piece of international reportage. It featured in last Friday’s Phnom Penh Post and it’s on a really cool tour company that’s just set up shop in Siem Reap.

I’ve wanted to be a foreign correspondent for so long* that I have to say, being published in another country is a bit of a thrill. I may not be called into any Al-Qaeda lairs just yet ala one of my journalistic idols, Robert Fisk, but hey, it’s a start.

I’m going to be writing regularly for the 7 Days magazine each Friday in the Post. A cool little supplement, which reminds me of The Ticket in Ireland, covering lifestyle and events in Siem Reap and around Cambodia. While might seem like a cushy cop out for someone who wants to get embedded with soldiers, and share human injustice with the world, for me, working on an up-and-coming magazine, in an up-and-coming city, in an up-and-coming country is pretty exciting.

Cambodia, and more specifically Siem Reap is changing every day – at least three new restaurants have opened in the last six weeks – so it’s a great time to be soaking it all in – let alone getting paid for the pleasure.

Wars, revolutions and political scandals will have to go on without me for a little while, just now I’m happy to conquering this little town armed with my new Canon (more on that later too) and my new bike Ribbon Dazzler. Who needs 4x4s or tanks eh?

Spot the frog?

Pimped so I could tell it apart from the hundreds of others about town

*(despite frequently mis-spelling the word “correspondent” one of my Achilles’ Heel Words, see also; necessarily and embarrassed)


8 thoughts on “Robert Fisk eat your heart out…

    • My first comment – how exciting! We really do have oddly similar other-side-of-the-world lives; blog is still very much a work in progress but getting there!

  1. Woot, congrats on entering Blogdom and on being an internationally published writer! Now I get to FOMO both you and Ms Breen’s life, and try to figure out how I can end up on either of your couches. Looking forward to reading more πŸ™‚

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