Floodloads of Fun

Here are some of the shots I got during this week’s flooding in Siem Reap. They have, for the most part subsided. But with another six weeks of rainy season to go, chances are we haven’t seen the worst of it.

What I loved about flooding here was how fun everything was. The old me would have winced at the thought of a week without my beloved maxis, wading through warm brown water up to my knees, and worrying about the ever present “crocodile rumours”, but I’m proud of how, like my issues with geckos, ants and even scorpions, I’m embracing where I am and becoming way more laid back about the things that grossed me out before – I’ll never be down with cockroaches though.

At home flooding like this would be seen as a natural disaster, the army would be called in and insurance companies would be flipping out. Here it’s more like a snow day. Everyone, both adults and kids, go out to play, businesses stay open and cars and motos still drive down the street. And like a snow day, no matter how much you moan about it, your heart sinks a little when you see the flooding melt away.

While the flooding was worse downstream, these shops and homes are built right on the water so were probably some of the first to flood

This street restaurant is normally a few meters away from the river - now it's part of it

These two boys were loads of fun, soaking wet, splashing about, and hitching a lift on every truck that passed.

The kid on the bike was pedaling with his stand on...

Spraying and soaking the kid behind - love it!

It's a baby in a box - this week I've seen babies sailing through the streets on fridge doors, woks, dinghies and freezer boxes.

Life, and business was as usual this week – in fact I think street traders did better than normal with everyone downing tools to hang in the puddles…

Ice-cream man

Fruit seller

This little boy was probably the most pensive person I saw despite all the potential flood damage

No idea how this guy's engine didn't conk out - motos and saloon cars were still driving about despite three water being several feet deep in places

This poor girl didn't dress for the weather

...Neither did I the first day - definitely learned from that mistake.


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