I’m still alive…

…I just suck at this blogging lark.

Thigh deep - and it got even higher after that...

Following my last post (which seemed to worry a few people, sorry about that) I had another few days of being sick, followed by a day or two moving house, followed by a week or so of mammoth work catch-up, which still seems to be ongoing. All this was interspersed with lots of flooding to slow things down even more – hence why I’ve been a tad AWOL.

I do promise though I’ve some cool posts in the making, and will turn them from draft status to published very soon. Until then, that’s a picture of me during the second round of flooding, making my way to Marko’s school. No, I’m not standing in a river, that’s normally a road.

While Flood One was lots of fun, Flood Two, a little restricting, and Flood Three, just a bit shoe-wetting, by Flood Four we’re all getting pretty ticked off. Marko has taught just seven full days of school in the past month, (I’m cheating a bit there, he did have a mid-term in the middle of all that, but it’s still pretty bad.)

But far more important than the inconvenience it’s causing around town, are the lives that have been lost and devastation caused during what has been the worst flooding in a decade. The death toll in Cambodia now stands at 206, and this will only increase as the dengue fever season creeps on and crops fail throughout the country.

If you want to read more about it, here’s a link to the Phnom Penh Post and for some incredible images, check out The Guardian.


2 thoughts on “I’m still alive…

  1. You are way to good at this blog set up lark. I’m still working out the aul blog roll/ twitter feed. We may need to have a Skype tutorial!

    The floods are insane looking. Stay strong xxx

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