An Irish Christmas and a Cambo New Year

How do I love three? Ireland v Cambodia

So we’ve been back in Siem Reap for about ten days. It was odd coming back because it wasn’t odd. Like arriving back in Dublin in December, it felt like we’d never left, like we were coming home. I instantly went back to enjoying sunshine, eating curry and cycling my bike as swiftly as I snapped back to working layers, eating cheese and driving on the left in Ireland.

At the moment Marko and I are pondering our next plan of attack, deciding where the adventure will take us next. I’m pushing for Burkina Faso, he’s egging-on Boston, but we both have a bit of a draw to London too. As unexotic as it seems after a year in South East Asia, I think it would be nice to be closer to home for a while, somewhere I can speak the language. At the same time it’s one of the most exciting cities in the world and there could be amazing career prospects.

Luckily we don’t have to make a decision just yet (and all suggestions are welcome) but in the mean time here and the pros and pros (I’m not a fan of cons) of life in Ireland versus live in the Kingdom…

Irish Pros
1. I can understand (almost) everyone when they speak.
2. I can get (almost) everyone’s sense of humour.
3. You don’t have to shake out the toilet roll every time you use it, for fear of what might bite you in the rear end if you don’t.
4. Milk tastes like milk.
5. Cheese.
6. Ovens. And their ability to melt above cheese and bake cake.
7. Superquinn sausages.
8. Tayto and Cadburys (I’m sensing a food theme emerge).
9. Penneys and other stores where the adults clothes don’t come in children’s sizes.
10. The radio.
11. High heels.
12. Nights out – they’re just not the same without the aforementioned heels.
13. No mossie bites.
14. The utter lack of things crawling on me.
15. The utter lack of paranoia about even scarier things that could crawl on me.
16. Wine abundance – you can get it here, but the beer is so cheap, and so are we.
17. Duvets.
18. Being able to just call people up for a chat without fear of it being 3am.
19. Taking deep breaths of air – particularly of the sea or mountain variety.
20. Scarves, cardigans, tights, jackets – I’m a bit fan of loading up on layers.
21. Sandwiches (back to food).
22. Make-up and the ability to wear it without looking like a waxwork that stood too close to a bonfire.
23. Calling to our parents when we’re too broke to cook dinner.
24. Long evenings that stay bright ’til 11.
25. Being able to see my family and best friends whenever I want to.

Cambo Pros
1. I have a constant reminder of what the sun looks like.
2. Even when it rains, you know you’ll be dry again in minutes.
3. Monks. Still a novelty every time I see one.
4. Children. Kids in Cambodia scream hello when you pass. Kids in Ireland scream abuse.
5. The beer is really good, and only costs 50c.
6. The cocktails are really good and only cost $2.50
7. The curry is really good and only costs $3.00
8. Everything is really cheap.
9. Getting to wear flip flops every day.
10. Drinking sugarcane juice from a bag.
11. We have a swimming pool. And it’s hot enough to use it.
12. We can go out for dinner whenever we want.
13. We live ten minutes away from some of the most incredible temples in the world. (And ten minutes away from monkeys.)
14. Everybody smiles and nobody talks about the recession.
15. I can get mani-pedis and massages for less than a tenner. Not those kind of massages.
16. It feels like we’re on holiday most of the time.
17. We get to meet awesome people and make incredible friends.
18. We are constantly amused by Asian oddities. (Today our supermarket cashier made us enter a lucky dip. We won a bag of crisps. )
19. I have no idea what’s in fashion at the moment, and I love it.
20. I haven’t applied fake tan in seven months.
21. I take Friday afternoons off, because I can.
22. Happy hour is legal.
23. Happy hour lasts all day.
24. I cycle almost everywhere and there’s no wrong side of the road.
24. I get to have “holy crap” moments. Every time I realise I live in Cambodia.

P.S. My blog has just reached 2000 views (can I get a woop woop?). I know at least 1990 of them are my parents, but for the other ten you you thanks for reading. I know I’ve been patchy with the upkeep and shady with the writing, but I’m getting the hang of it now so the only way is up. Right?

Pic from thebigharumph on Etsy.


2 thoughts on “An Irish Christmas and a Cambo New Year

  1. Wow, I bet you have had an amazing year! You should take some time to explore Vietnam before you go (if you havent already) its so fab!

  2. decisions decisions, I have a biased opinion on where you should go next but wherever it is I know you will make the most of it and love it just as much x

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