Cambodian Craftiness

The Angkor Handicraft Festival came to town a few weeks ago, so being obsessed with all things sweet, handmade and Etsy-esque, I of course went, twice. Cambodia has some amazing handicrafts organisations, many of whom work with local people, empowering them to learn a craft and make a sustainable living for themselves, while also re-introducing traditional techniques and art forms. Sometimes living in Cambodia, where everything is so cheap, you forget the amount of work that goes into each and every thing we buy – whether it’s a sandwich or a dress, someone had to sow the seeds, reap the crops, process them into materials and put the product together. I don’t often think about that, so it was nice to be reminded and see some of these processes in action.

Sorry for the delay in sticking these up, my internet died, then my computer died, then my internet died again.

Beautiful stonework

I think this was made of bronze

I love how the dried rice and lotus as used for display

Clay tea-light holders

I don't really know what this is for, but I like it

Coconut beads

Local textiles

A Mekong Quilts mobile

Leaf art

And this little piggy...

Lacquered elephants from Thean's House

Desk duck

A whale of a time

Crafty keyrings

I love these Goel Communuty teddies

Is it a bear or is it a cat?

The owl and the octopus...

Paper-shredder purses

A woman from Grace Gecko making a purse from water hyacinth reeds

The finished product

Skinny silk worms

Fatter silk worms

Boiling silk worms

And finally some silk voila

Some of the organisations included in the pics:
Artisans Association of Cambodia
Mekong Quilts
Il Nodo
Grace Gecko
Theam’s House
Artisan’s d’Angkor
Senteurs d’Angkor


2 thoughts on “Cambodian Craftiness

  1. enjoyed the pictures just trying to learn how to explore the net kevin gave me the info
    anna and joe have enjoyed the show. hope u are enjoying yourself and we are wishing for some
    of that sunshine to come our way soon .Love joe and anna.begley.

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