Off to the Seaside

So last week we were supposed to go to Laos for Khmer New Year. In a series of events which involved Marko and I not actually ever discussing it, we realised the night before, when we finally, and simultaneously, ‘fessed up, that we didn’t actually want to go. It wasn’t that we don’t want to see Laos, we really really do, but we don’t want to half-ass it. So we’ll go back when we’ve the time, and resources, to do it properly. ‘Sure we’re only young.

So, with a whole week at our disposal and a few quid in our pocket, we got out the guidebook and decided to head for the beach. We bought our bus ticket from a very drunk man – it was New Year’s Eve after all – packed our swimmers and hit the road.

Over the week we stayed in Phnom Penh; amazing tapas, Serendipity Beach; kinda gross, Koh Rong; a paradise island and Otres Beach; in a hut ten feet from the sea. It always amazes me how many sides there are to this country, that you can go from a town of temples to a cosmopolitan city, to a backpacker boozefest to a tropical hideaway, all in one day. It’s rather incredible.

Despite all our travelling, our week was filled with lazy days spent between the sea and the hammock. But I did manage to haul my ass up and take a few pictures. Here are the results which heavily feature drift wood, blue water and sand. Lots and lots of sand…

And just in case you missed it, I finally made it into a broadsheet while I was away. Check out my Cambo story in the Irish Independent, here and here.


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